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Scott is the proud father of two girls, and husband to wife Bec who he met on a blind date. Life is all about making choices, but love just seems to be one choice you can’t make, it chooses you…!

In mid 2012, Scott was busy hanging out the laundry at my home in McLaren Vale, South Australia when confronted with the prospect of his wife’s brand new cocktail dress. “If only I had a clothes peg with hooks … I could then just hang the dress by the straps and eliminate peg, line and sun marks! This had me thinking, why hadn’t somebody invented this already?” And so the idea for the HEG was born. Scott designed, patented and created the HEG through hard work, innovation and team building. The HEG has since won an AUSTRALIAN DESIGN AWARD and the prestigious international ‘GOOD DESIGN AWARD’.. The HEG was launched in Australian stores early 2014 and has already been picked up by supermarket chains around the world.

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